Chapter V2: Van is the Man, Part 2

Just play at least a few seconds of this track as the intro to the announcer…. you can stop it once the questions start.

Hello, and we are back again on SAN –that’s Sim Align Networks, of course –with Mr. Vandeen Jonso, and he is here to give us more insight on his exciting life as an inventor and a dad, and a husband. How you you juggle it all, Mr. Jonso?

“With three kids and three teens, it ain’t easy, trust me.”

I bet! Anyway, on to our special! This segment has been brought to you by Tressimo. For those who choose not to choose, be indecisive. Tressimo!


Day 7

Where do you live? Sunset Valley, in the same house I’ve been in all my life.

Why did you choose it, and how did you acquire it? Describe the space. It’s the family house, our legacy house. It’s been here since my grandma Nakaiya, and I don’t think we’ll be moving anytime soon. It’s had a fair amount built on since her family (my mom and uncle and their kids) lived there. It’s a pretty typical 5-bedroom two-story house, but I need to do some serious updates soon. It’s pretty dated-looking. I already had the kitchen done. The living room is next.

How do you handle intruders (graciously? violently?) There’s a containing wall and security system so we have not had any run-ins that I remember. It won’t keep out the ghosts, but hopefully will keep out the aliens!

Day 8

What are some of your more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)? I like to think I am pretty loving. I am strong… brave. As for flaws… my temper I guess? Stubborn at times. Sometimes I can lose myself in work and ignore people around me.

How did they develop? From life!

How has this helped or hindered you in the past? They have likely hindered and helped me a lot in my life, which would be too much to get into right now!


Day 9

How are you with technology? I built a time machine, didn’t I? Well, somewhat of a time machine. But I could say I am pretty decent with technology. Oh, and I got this new smart phone that I am getting the hang of pretty well. I’m even texting!

Are you specially qualified in any particular field? Yeah, making weird little gadgets out of scrap metal. AKA, inventing!

Have you ever been publicly acknowledged for anything? (Ex. Nobel Prize) I think there is mention of a possible Simbel prize. That is exciting news.

Is there anything you’ve deliberately sought to improve at? I have always enjoyed cooking, since I was a kid. I try to work at learning new recipes from time to time.

Do you speak more than one language? No, just Simlish.

Day 10: Relationships and History

What is your family history like? How does it affect you? My mother is the one I was closest to… she was awesome. Secondly, my father-in-law Isaac. My grandparents settled here and the history really only goes back to them. They built this house and our legacy. My genetic dad’s family is not in the picture. That doesn’t affect me. I know none of his family so I can say what I want – I’m glad he’s gone.

How do you feel about your family? How does your family feel about you? My family is everything to me. My wife and I have six kids and they are all equally important. I am pretty sure they love their dad!

Day 11

What were you like as a child? I think I was a bit of a pain to my mother sometimes. I remember us arguing a lot over silly things. Which were big at the time, of course.

What was your favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates? My maxoid game system, definitely. All games, every game. My favorite playmates were the ones who would play games with me. I also liked my baker’s stand and oven but that was less cool, being a boy.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Famous and popular. But I had no idea at the time how I could possibly do that.

Day 12

Describe your best and worst memories from childhood. Most of my worst memories come from incidents with my genetic dad. There were a few, but one in particular stands out. It was one day when I was selling some muffins I made and I was so proud when I got my baker’s stand. And he was a complete jerk and refused to buy off me and even crticized me for being a pussy or something like that. ‘Course, he probably never used that word, me being a kid and all. But I wouldn’t put it past him! My best memories had to have been with my grandfather, Connor Frio. Not with him literally, because he died before I knew him, but I read all his books so in that way I felt like I was with him. I really wish I knew him. Grandfathers are special – and I hope to be a special one.



6 thoughts on “Chapter V2: Van is the Man, Part 2

  1. The end there about him wanting to be a good grandpa gave me some serious feels. He’s come so far as a father as of late in his chapters before passing the torch that I hope he takes what he’s learned to be a good papa to his grandkids someday like he wants 😀

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