Chapter 4-06: The Dance

Dear Maya,

I am writing to you now from my very own laptop. Isn’t that amazing!! And it’s purple! Dad got another big cheque from his inventions and some money from publicity radio stuff, so we all get new electronics. Huzzah! So I might even get back to my writing soon. And no one else will be able to peek into my deep dark thoughts anymore. Muhahaha.


Speaking of which, I think my mom has a deep dark secret. I suspect she drinks as much as Dad does, but just doesn’t let on to us kids. I think when he makes himself drinks he makes ones for her too. Maybe it’s extra special anxiety-reducing ones lol. I gotta get me one of them. Oh, and the bubble machine is not just for making “bubbles for adults”. I wondered why we were never alloud to use it but now I know. I think she goes out there sometimes when she thinks were in bed, because one time I was outside and it was late but I seen Grandma floating around so I was talking to her and when I wwas going back to bed I watched mom at the machine from the upstairs window and she comes back in all happy and giddy. So if Dad and here ever go away I am defo having a party and firing up that machine. Oh yes.

Oh, this is funny. Last weekend was Spooky Day and Dad and I went to a party at his friend’s house. He invited me of course cause I’m the oldest and most “mature” hahah. So I dressed up as a burgular (yeah there wernt many costumes left, don’t judge) and he didn’t dress up but anyway. He did get kinda drunk and he let me have a sip of his beer. It was HORRIBLE!! I don’t know how adults can drink that. I’d rather just stick to my lattes. Lol.

Okay. So. Thats all for now, Maya. Save and close. Password protect. Hehe.


“D’ya want one too, sis?” Vanya asked at the Tressimo machine.

“Of course! I need my energy for tonight as well as you do.” I replied.


“‘Course it’s not like you’ll be dancing much, to have a need to expend energy,” I laughed when we had sat down. “You’ll have to beg all the single losers to dance with you.”

“HAH!” She squeaked. “I’ll have you know I plan to be expelling a lot of energy tonight! And it’s not just the single guys that will wanna dance with me. All the cute boys with dates will be drawn so irresistibly to me that they’ll leave all their basic girlfriends at the desserts table!”

“Haha! You wish!”


“What’s basic?” Jarga piped up from the far end of the kitchen table.

“Something you’ll always be.” Vanya replied.


“Like, a boy?”

“No, weirdo! How can I say she’s a basic girlfriend if she’s a boy?”

“But you said it’s something I’ll always be. I’ll always be a boy.” He taunted.

“Yeah and you’ll always be annoying. Why are you here creeping on our conversation anyway? Go bother someone else.”

“But I like bothering you. It’s fun ’cause you’re easy.”

I giggled at that. “Easy. Yeah.”

“Oh shut up Kai!” She said.


Jarga just looked at us with squinty eyes and said, “Fine. I’ll go get my video camera and secretly tape your conversation and put it up on SimTube. Muhahah!”

“Oh my god, you’re so stupid telling us outright that you’re going to do something ‘secret’!” Vanya scoffed.

We rolled our eyes at Jarga after he took off. Knowing him, he would try and do something like that. Dad was crazy enough to buy the boys a camcorder and Sashdo had no desire for it after the initial novelty, so Jarga set himself up a SimTube account and has been obsessed with taking “warrior renegade movies”, as he called them. I know there can’t be much action when he’s just going around the sitting room upstairs creeping around mom’s legs, although he got about twenty views and two subscribers with that stupid first video.

Vanya: “Hey, where’s Kesh? Shouldn’t she have her hair brushed by now?”

We found her at the piano in the music room, in her dress and seemingly fully coifed. She said she had to practice her Sonata a bit more because she had to play it in music class soon.


“C’mon, we don’t have time for practicing. You got lots of time for that another day.” Vanya told her.


“Yeah, the boys are on their way, and the limo’s coming at 6:30. We should get our coats on.” I prodded.

“Yeah, we got dancing to do!” Vanya added excitedly.

Hassan’s dad was dropping them off and the limo would bring us all over to the school. The three of us chatted in the foyer while we waited, and Mom came to see us off just when the doorbell rang. “Have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She chirped.


“We would never do anything you would not approve of, Mama.” Kesha assured.

Jevon came to the door dressed in his black suit and purple shirt which matched my dress. Hassan wore a red tie to match with Kesha. Vanya smiled in spite of her missing escort. There was just nobody she was interested in, she had said. And nobody had asked her. I guess they assumed she would already have a date, being one of the prettiest girls in school. I said it was probably because they were all scared of her, and she had tossed her hair and said, “No… intimidated would be the word, thank you very much!”

“You look cute,” Jevon said to me. “You better put a coat on. It’s snowing. Wouldn’t wanna freeze those cute nipples.”


Cute nipples?? Were my nipples showing?

Seeing my look of shock, he laughed. “Ahh I’m just teasing ya, girl! I can’t see your nipples, as much as I’d love to!”

What was he saying?! “Uhhhh…” I stammered. “Okay. I do have a coat to wear.”

We did indeed have our —really awesome matching— coats to wear. The three of us had picked them out together, especially for this dance and to go with our outfits. But as we filed out to head to the waiting limo, the boys decided to take this opportunity for a snowball fight.

“Heads up, dude.” Jevon said to Hassan as he grabbed a large handfull of freshly fallen, perfect snowball-making snow.

“Dude…. don’t throw that at me.”


Hassan warned a smidgen too late, because Jevon already whacked it at him. Lucky Hassan, being a vampire, was too quick for Jevon and the snowball slammed into the door right behind his head.

“DUDE! I said don’t do that! This is a fucking hundred dollar silk shirt! If I bring this home ruined, my mom—”


“HAHAHA! You mad, bro? Is your mommy gonna be mad if you go home all wet?” Jevon squealed.

“Fuckin’ arsehole.” Hassan muttered.


Shit. Why was my date being such a jerk? Was he always a jerk like this and i just didn’t know it?

“Come on, we don’t need these jerks. Let’s go, girls.” I said to my sisters.


“We can’t go your boyfriends…?” Vanya half-questioned.

I looked back at Hassan and Jevon, who were barely even aware of us. They were staring each other down like they were gonna get into a fight. “Yes we can, and he’s not my boyfriend. Let’s go! We can send the limo back for them.”



I felt so proud walking into the school, me and my beautiful sissies, all dressed up like the belles of the ball.


And we were kind of the belles of the ball. The gorgeous Jonso triplets. Everyone stared as we walked in together, and I was kinda glad for the moment, that we didn’t have the boys with us.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 4-06: The Dance

  1. Oh silly boys. smh, they just can’t keep out of trouble can they? Too bad Jevon is kind of a jerk. :/ I hope the girls have a good time anyway! The Jonso triplets are indeed just a gorgeous bunch! ❤

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