Chapter 4-08: Afterthoughts


Dear Maya,

Gosh, so sorry I haven’t written in a while again. I go into spurts like that. I guess Im like, flighty or something. Dad says I’m like my Grandma Scotia in that way. God rest her soul. (I think I’m suppose to say that when someone is dead.) I didn’t know her all that well though. I was too young when she died.

Soo, I think I haven’t written since the winter dance. Man, that was so much fun!!!!! Fun, with multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! I’m glad we didn’t invite the boys over to the house after. Me and kesha had fun getting drunk at the bar. ‘Least until she ran off anyway. And the snowman me and Vanya built… haha that was hilarious. I didn’t get a good look at it ’cause apparently i passed out and my rude brothers destroyed it the next morning.

Apparently too, I went to sleep in Grandma Dairnie’s room. I dunno how I managed to get into my nightie, and I found a drink up in the room with me. Oops. Lucky Dad or mom didn’t say anything so I guess they never found out. Good thing theyre sound sleepers.


Anywayyyyyy, back to the matter at hand. Which is what to do with Jevon. I don’t like him anymore but he still insists to everyone that he’s my boyfriend. Dad doesn’t like him either. Jevon said something rude to him the other day at the house and Dad lit into him. I’m not sure what it was ’cause I just caught the tail end of it.


Sooooo….. yeah.

Should I just break up with him? Or get Hassan to tell him or something? I could just avoid him. Or I could block him on Simbook. Would that be rude? Hmmm maybe it would be weird cuz like, I’d stil see him in school.

Am I saying rude too much??? Speaking of rude, I caught Vanya poking into my computer one day, trying to read my diaries. So Imma need to get a better lockdown on my shit, and find out where she writes her juicy gossip.


Apparrrently (yes, I like saying apparently)…. she and little Darnell had a “date” at the art place –yeah, kinda lame I know– but APPARENTLY they were getting all kissy kissy since. Such is the news going around anyway. Hehe.


Darnell’s been over a few times, but I’m not sure what to think of that just yet. He’s just so much younger, it just seems weird. Like, I still picture him as that little kid in elementary school when he used to play in the sandbox with Kesh. Not so little any more, but I haveta say he’s gotten cuter…


Oh! I almost forgot. Grandma Dairnie came out to talk to me not too long ago. She said to watch out for my drinking! I was like, ‘haha what are you talking about, is orange juice bad for me?’ She was like, ‘No but strong juices are not good for teenagers’ and stuff. Made me wonder if she was around the backyard that night or saw me in her room or something.


But it’s not like nobody in this house drinks. Mom does, Dad does and I mean, Grandma seemed drunk half the time anyway! Haha!! Sure, Dad even brought Vanya to a family party last weekend, and he let her have a drink from the bar. So yeah… all in moderation, right? Nuthin’ wrong with it!

Anyyyway Maya. I dunno what else to tell you. Winter is getting really boring now and I cant wait til spring. When the snow will melt and the birds are chirping and romance is in the air—-!

Oh right. I have to deal with that don’t I? Thanks for reminding me, Maya-Kaiya.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4-08: Afterthoughts

  1. Man Jevon is such an ass, she should break up with him. I know Van’s a hothead but if daddy doesn’t like him that spells trouble and she’s indifferent anyway. Oh dear she seems to like the juice, kind of appropriate for the family though. :/

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