Chapter 4-V3: Van is the Man, Part 3

We are excited to continue our 30-part character discovery on Mr. Vandeen Jonso, famous inventor of a number of wonderful and intuitive gadgets, and of course most importantly the most amazing development of time travel to the physical realms of our forgotten memories (whatever that means)! We are airing on speciality channels on SimAlign Networks. This is the third episode of five. If you are not a subscriber to the Learn and Discover package with SimAlign, you are missing out! Visit our website now or call one of our helpful service representatives at 888 5555 1-SAN. Because there is only one Sim Align Network! And we will keep you aligned with only the best programming.

Mr. Jonso could not be in the studio for this episode, so we are conducting this interview via telephone. Photos provided courtesy of Mr. Jonso.

Day 13

Where did you grow up? In the Jonso family house in Sunset Valley.

How did you view it as a child, and did that change as you matured? How do you feel about the place now? As a child, well, it was just a big house, with old-fashioned brick exterior, just as it is now. Haha! I don’t think it really changed, metaphorically or anything. It was just a house. But perhaps I’m unconsciously trying to forget…


Day 14

Do you have a mentor, or have you had one in the past? My mentor was my grandfather I never knew, Connor Frio. His books guided me through my early adult life.

What was your relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then? Like I said, I never really knew him personally, though I felt his words were speaking to me.

What sort of education have you had? Do you want more? I was never really book-smart or “school smart”, but perhaps I was too impatient to learn. My education after high school was purely self-taught. I studied as much as I could to make up for lost time, and used my intuition the rest of the way, to guide me.

Who was your idol growing up? Several people in my life I admired – my mother, my grandfather, and my Uncle Arna.

Who was the first person you fantasized about? I think it must have been my wife Kia, when I first saw her in elementary school.


Day 15

Who is your closest friend, and why? My darling wife, Kia. She is kind of the opposite of me, but that is exactly why she completes me. And yes, that is cliche but “She completes me.”

What do you like to do with this person? She keeps me grounded. She keeps my head out of the clouds. She shows me why life is truly beautiful and sweet. With her I just like to BE life, just to enjoy her and have fun and to love. We don’t have to do anything in particular. Just be in love. That’s what I like to do.

Do you have any rivals? Who and why? Ah, I may have had at least one or two rivals. But I have forgiven them. It’s all in the past. They can come back and be my friend again at any time!

Have you ever been betrayed? By who, and how did it affect you? If anything, I have been the betrayer. I have made a few mistakes, and I own up to them. I forgive and forget, and I request forgiveness.


Day 16: Sex and Romance

What is your sexual orientation? Do you ever question it? Straight, and no.

When did you lose their virginity? To who and where? What was it like? That’s a pretty private question. I’m not going to disclose that.

What is your favorite sexual fantasy? Oh boy. I shan’t disclose that either. Shame on you for even asking!!


Day 17

Do you have any particular fetishes or kinks? Perhaps. *wink wink* Again, I retain non-disclosure.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done in bed? WTF kind of questions are these now?! Okay… I’ve slept with my clothes on?? Haha!

Is there anything in particular that you would not do? Yes, lots of things I would not do. Like, I would not fuck a goat. Would YOU fuck a goat?!

(No, I would not.) What are you attracted to in a partner? Compassion. Gentleness. And sexy legs. Sexy legs are a definite asset.


Day 18

Tell us about your wife, and what attracted her to you? Sexy legs!! Definitely the sexy legs. Haha. How did you meet? How long have you been together? We met because she had the most sexiest legs in her romper jeans outfit, and she kicked my ass at Sim For Speed on our first date. We’ve been together since after high school graduation.

What kind of a relationship do you have? Do you have any plans for the future? She is my future! But how can we plan for the future when it is all based on the choices we make? The future is unknown. But I have a strong need for her to be in it.

What would be your perfect date? My wife. No kids! Haha! That’s all we need. And perhaps the hover bed.


Describe one of your past relationships and what was significant about it. Can I skip this question?

Have you ever hurt someone you loved? Yes. Everyone hurts at some point. The strength comes in forgiveness and being able to move on from the past.

Do you fall in love easily? Only with my wife, every day. And with life. As I grow older I can appreciate that even more. I can even tolerate my kids now. Hahaha!!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4-V3: Van is the Man, Part 3

  1. I love how arrogant he is at times but you can totally see insecurities in there. Like feeling as though he was the cause of problems in his life for others and talking about how he’s always been too impatient to learn things properly. At least his drive has made up for that! Takes a lot of work to be self taught at just about anything.

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