Chapter 4-09: The Boy

Author’s Note: So sorry for the huge span in between the last chapters. I’ve been doing some things in life which has taken me away from the Sims considerably. Getting back on the right track, so to speak!! Hopefully I can get back on some sort of routine here, to keep Kaiya’s story moving. It is my creative outlet after all. I’ve been doing a lot of ‘business’ stuff as well as personal study — so I need this creative writing to keep me happy and feed my soul!! Hope you enjoy the chapter. Much love. ❤ Shar.


“Well, you kids have fun. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything else.” Mom said. “Don’t forget to put the pie away if there’s any left. Everything else is cleaned up.”

“Okay Mama.” I said affectionately. “You go rest. You’ve done enough. I’ll take care of the youngsters.” I added with a laugh, “I’ll make sure they don’t get into any trouble!”

“Okay, sweetie, I trust you’ll watch out for them. Sorry I can’t stay, but I’m a little tired now.”


I gave my mom a hug good night. Secretly I wished she was going farther than just upstairs. Mom and Dad were always home. I wish they would go on a trip so we could have a real party here. I couldn’t have a night like grad night happen again. That was pretty risky. Though Dad and Mom slept really sound, I mean, you’d think they were dead, and they sometimes had the hover bed going and Dad snored sometimes, and they were way over on the other side of the house… So the most we could do is sneak some shots for our drinks and just pretend we were drinking our fancy fruit mixes if one of them happened to come around.

Not that we did that. I only did it once or twice since. I swear.

Okay, maybe twice. But I couldn’t let the younger ones know that.

I was supposed to set an example for the others. I felt torn between my obligations as the ‘mature’ one and my desire to break out and be free. I wished I could be rebellious like Shebby. She didn’t give a shit what people thought of her. She spoke her mind no matter what the consequences. And people still liked her even when she was an ass to them! How did she do it?!

“You gonna stare into space like a fuckin’ zombie all night? C’mon, get us some drinks.”


I didn’t even notice I was ‘staring into space’, as my newly teen sister put it. Shebby was impatient to get the party started. I kinda was too, but I was nervous as well. Was I to be chaperone to a bunch of anxious, hormonal teens for the rest of the night? Hey, I was anxious and hormonal as well, just in a different way. I had my own things to deal with.

Jevon had been pestering me to ‘get a little closer’ with him, but I wasn’t sure that was a good idea. I mean, it felt good and exciting to kiss him and one time he touched me in a private spot and whoa that was crazy…. but I just wasn’t into him enough to let him, you know, do “that” thing, like “all the way” type thing. A girl at school just recently had to drop out because she got pregnant. She was only barely Shebby’s age! Imagine if I got pregnant and had to deal with the spawn of Jevon! Ugh. And yeah, I was still seeing him, but I didn’t really know what to do about that…

As for the matter at hand, it was Shebby’s birthday and she wanted to ‘celebrate with style’ and show off to her little friends how cool it was that she had a real bar and a dance floor in her backyard. Dad said that they were allowed to go out back and dance and stuff, but of course the bar was off limits and he trusted me to keep a watch over them.

“No.” I simply said to her. “You know what Dad said. Just go out and turn the stereo on. Or do some karaoke or something. The bar is off limits. You’re underage.”


“Pfft! So are you, and you drink.”

“No I don’t.” I replied. “Not anymore.”

She just laughed. “HAH! We’ll see about that.”

“What do you mean? What are you gonna ‘see’ about?” I asked her. “I said no, and that’s that!”

“Ugh! What happened to you? You decide to be a lame-ass on my birthday when I wanna celebrate and have juice!” Shebby complained, a little too loudly.


“Oh my God!” I hissed. “Would you keep your voice down! Do as I say and go entertain your little friends!”

“Oh, is this party only for little people?”

I turned to see where the dark and melodious voice had come from. It was a boy. I had never seen him before. His chestnut hair fell in layers over his eyes. And OMG, his eyes…! They were the brightest, greenest eyes I’d ever seen. A lot of the Jonsos had green eyes, but they were nothing like these! Against his dark, creamy skin they were especially pretty. Yeah, he was especially pretty.


I didn’t realize I had gasped until he said, “Sorry if I gave you a fright. You must be Kaiya.”

“Uh, umm, yeah. How did you know?” I half-stuttered, while my heart fluttered and I hoped I didn’t look like an idiot.


“I just know.” He grinned.

I felt slightly uncomfortable, but slightly intrigued.

He laughed. “Shebby invited me. I know Shebby because she’s friends with Zane who’s in my class and he’s dating my little sister. And of course I’ve heard of the Jonso triplets. Shebby said you were the oldest triplet and that you had purplish wavy hair. It’s obvious that’s you. What she didn’t tell me is that you’re the prettiest one.”


It was probably pretty obvious that I blushed.

“Aww, thank you. I try!” I giggled awkwardly.


Dang, he must be younger than me. I thought. But if he’s Zane’s age he’s still older than Shebby…

“Oh! You’ll have to forgive me for being rude.” The boy said. “I’m Jaden Best. My family just moved here recently. I still don’t know a lot of people, so I figured this party would be a great opportunity for that. So… ahm, what are we doing?”


His green eyes sparkled. “W-we…?” I questioned. I could almost feel myself flushing again. Was he trying to ask me out or something?

“Yeah, like, where’s the party?” He asked. “What are we all going at? Is there any juice or anything?”


“Oh.” I said, embarrassed at my forthcoming thoughts. “Well… we’re all going out back. There’s no juice—”

“Let’s go then! I’m turning into a corpse just standing here.” Shebby stood in the middle of the kitchen, exasperated, with hands on hips. I had forgotten she was even still here.


“Come on out with us,” I said to Jaden. “We got a dance floor and music and stuff out there.”

“You gonna dance for me?” He asked.


This guy’s a real charmer. I thought. Still cute, though.


“Maybe.” I said. “I am a dancer after all. At least I used to be.”

“Oh, what happened? Do you not dance anymore?”


“Yeah, I do, but…”

Frankly I didn’t know why I didn’t dance anymore. I guess teen life changes things. I hadn’t been in dance since elementary school and it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t pursuing my dream — or if even it was still my dream.

“But what?” He prodded.

I looked around. Shebby had left to go outside. I could hear more people arriving and chatting as they passed outside by the kitchen to go out back.

“Okay. I’ll dance for you.” I said to Jaden. He smiled widely. Jaden. I thought about his name. Five letters, starting with J and ending with N. But so much cuter than Jevon! Jevon or Jaden? Jaden or Jevon? What am I thinking? Maybe he has a girlfriend. (I didn’t think of the fact that I had a boyfriend.) He’s gotta have a girlfriend. But then again, he’s new in town so maybe he’s not that quick—

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I blurted out.

Ohh, crap.



I did have one dance with Jaden. A fast dance of course. It was me and Jaden, Shebby and her friend Marz on the mat. He used to be in my dance class but he’s much younger than me so I never really talked to him. He and his little guy friends just used to laugh at us girls in dance class. Anyway I think Jaden was impressed at my moves! Shebby was pretty good too, although she didn’t have the control and coordination like me. I think she was just trying to impress Marz because he was a dancer.

But Jaden looked good! It was fun. Some other people danced after, and I talked to Jaden a bit. He said he works out — ooh la la, that means he must have muscles!

Aaaaand then Jevon showed up. Right at the moment I was talking to Jaden and admiring his muscles.


Lucky for me, he was intercepted by Kesha. She was looking out for me, like a good sister should. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but she seemed pretty animated and he seemed… angry? I could sense him looking over at me and said quickly to Jaden, “I gotta go.”


I stepped away from Jaden slightly, to break the field of communcation so it seemed like I wasn’t interested in talking to him anymore. I nonchalantly sipped my pink lemonade without looking at Jaden, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him shrug and walk away.

“Hey Kay!” Jevon called out.

I hated when he called me that! My name is Kaiya, darnit!

“What?” I asked in a regular speaking volume, without turning my head to face him. I didn’t feel like bawling back to him. If he wanted to talk to me he could come over.

“Come over, girl!” He said sweetly. “I wants to see ya.” I sighed. Yeah, this was not gonna work anymore. After talking to Jaden I could see just how annoying Jevon was, and that I really didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

Like an obedient horse I trotted over to him. “What?” I said again in a more persistent tone.

“Who was that you were talking to?” He asked.



“Well it looked like somebody. It looked like a boy.”

“It could have been.”

“It looked a lot like a boy.”

“So? Am I allowed to talk to people?” I nervously sipped my drink.

“I heard you were dancing with him.” I now wished there was alcohol in it so I could have the nerve to say what I wanted to say.

I glanced at Kesha. ‘Sorry!’ she mouthed, her eyes sympathetic.

“Am I allowed to dance with people?” I countered. Say what you wanna say… I wanna see you be brave…


“Yeah you can dance with him all you want,” he said sarcastically. “If you’d rather dance with that loser than me…”

And let the words fall out…

“Honestly?” I tested. “I would rather dance with him than—” a loser like you “—than you.”

There, I said it. Well, kinda. Should I say more?


I couldn’t tell whether Jevon was dejected or ready to spit fire.

“Fuck you, then.”


Ooooo-kay, so it was not the first option.

I said nothing. What could I say to that? ‘Fuck you, too‘? My heart pounded with a mixture of nervousness and adrenaline. My inner voice sang with potential freedom. I actually wondered if I looked like I was trying to hold back a grin. Kesha shifted from one foot to the other. Her eyes were saucers, and I blinked hard so my eyes wouldn’t also appear as saucers. I firmed my face and my stance, and said…


“Nope?! What the fuck does that mean?”

“Nope, you’re not fucking me. Ever.”

Kesha’s face flew to her mouth as she suppressed a shocked squeal. “OMIGOD!!” A few faces in Shebby’s comrade glanced our way. Oh great. How much of this was going to go through the school tomorrow?

“Huh?! You’re a freak!” Jevon said angrily. “Don’t bother texting me anymore, you’re a fucking prude anyway! Go dance with your new little boyfriend with the fairy hair.” He stormed off.

New little boyfriend? Now that was a nice idea! I couldn’t help it now. I smiled. I wanted to dance. I wanted to dance with Jaden. Kesha laughed at me when Jevon was out of earshot. “What just happened?!” She gasped.

“That was easier than I thought!” I laughed back. Jevon kinda did the break-up for me, but still. It was done. I was free. I could date or dance or talk to whoever I wanted now.

Hassan came to get Kesha for a dance. I opened my phone and deleted Jevon’s phone number, replacing the ‘evo’ of his name with ‘ade’. Jaden. Jaden and Kaiya. What would be our ship name? Jaden + Kaiya = Jaiya? Kaiya + Jaden = Kaden?


I giggled to myself. I was being silly. What if he didn’t even like me? But what if he did?! I kept my phone in my hand as I went to search for the new boy’s numbers to complete his entry.


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  1. Long time no see =)
    Wow, it’s been so long. How have you been? I’ve gotta catch up here, pronto. It might take a bit but I’ll comment on it all, then come back here and comment again =D


    • Heyyyyyyy! ❤ It's been so long for me too. I have been really out of touch from the Sims for the past year. Life things kinda got real.. lol. I have missed you though! I hope you get writing again, and look forward to seeing your comments, stories, and your presence. 🙂 🙂

      • Weird… internet said the response only contained “Heyyyy!” and nothing else. I didn’t realize there was more until I came back here. XD

        I’m all caught up! And I quite love Kaiya, she seems even more interesting than Vandeen did. =3

        Aw, I missed you too ^^ Life does have a tendency to do that. Usually when you least expect it. I intend to finish what I started though, though it may take some time because I *gulp* do not have my game anymore. Are you still working on this one, too?

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