This is a true story! Told exactly as it happened.  Pretty much. 😉 For detail on that see How I Write.

This is my Sims 3 story of the Jonso legacy, as founded by Nakaiya Jonso. It is a Family Trait legacy – every generation born has the “Party Animal” trait. Every birthday must have a party, with balloons in their favorite color. Also every funeral and wedding, and of course parties just for the heck of it! They often eat leftover cake for breakfast, and they love to dance and say WOO!

  • The FOUNDER‘s story is one chapter told by Nakaiya, and various pictures from her scrapbook.
  • GENERATION TWO is written in first-person view and told by daughter and first heir, Adairna. Adairna’s first encounter with Death is not what she expected, and brings about unusual changes in her.
  • GENERATION THREE is where it reads more like a storybook, with the 2nd heir, Vandeen Jonso. He is hot-headed, troubled and yearns to be popular… but that’s what makes him oh-so loveable. If you want to start reading at Van’s story, start at the last chapter of Adairna’s story, Chapter 9: Learning to Love. Here I started to forgo the actual ‘legacy’ rules and just followed my own. And I started to focus on the actual dialogue and story writing aspect. It takes a lot more time that way, but makes for better reading if you’re into that type.

Comments welcome and appreciated! Enjoy reading.


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