Teen Van and Adairna

The Frio’s: Arna holding baby Carley, Zarita, (sitting) Sarah and Matteus. The Jonsos: Vandeen and Adairna

Vandeen and Adairna

The Frio Family: Sarah holding Mattius, Arna, Zarita

Nakaiya Jonso (Founder)


4 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Zarita! Be a lady! I can see under your skirt..hussy LOL

    This is cute tho. Nakaiya is very pretty. I like the names that you come up for your sim even tho I can’t pronounce any of them :p

    • Haha thanks, maybe I should do a pronunciation guide like you did. Zarita is like za-REE-ta and Nakaiya is like na-KHAI-ya. I noticed Zar was totally doing the upskirt too but at least she got matching bloomers lol.

    • Thanks! I had only base game when I started the Jonsos so that’s what she had. Now, I may have taken this photo going into an old save with the new skin installed… which is Praline Sims skin 4.0. I used that on all the family.

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